Eduardo Mejías

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Hello! I’m Eduardo Project Manager for GMB

I’m from Madrid, Spain. I arrived to this wonderful place Playa del Carmen over 5 years ago, since then I realized that it was the place where I wanted to be. I consider myself a professional persona and a lover of my job, I love meeting interesting people from around the world to whom I can help find a new place to live, vacation or just to find the best investment in the place with fastest growing worldwide.

I think that my work is very important because I accompany the customer as they are taking decisions with a great impact, therefore one of my premises is to maintain myself in constantly formation and always being actualized in the new laws.

During the searching I want you to enjoy and I want you to be completely secure that you are taking the best decision, I know that buying a condo, house or apartment is a very important decision, therefore my compromise is to make your buying process an easy and satisfactory experience.

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