Apartments for sale in Tulum

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Apartments for sale in Tulum starting at $210,000 USD

Tulum has been for some years a destination in the gaze of the whole world, either because of its enigmatic natural environment in full development, its proximity to a lung of the earth, the Sian Ka an biosphere reserve or because of its incredible young energy and international community. With more than two million visits a year, Tulum is the meeting point for travelers with a sense of environmental and social responsibility. Tulum is a luxury tourist destination like no other in the country.
Chaakab is a building where geometry and nature are freely integrated to shape a beautiful constructive element with outstanding structural resistance and thermally efficient. Located in Harmony Tulum.
The harmonious combination between human creation and the pure natural environment, makes Chaakab a place where really do exist and you feel peace.
Chaakab consists of 6 luxury apartments, 2 loft type and 4 with access to private terraces with Jacuzzi for a life of luxury and comfort.

The apartments were designed with the aim of satisfying all the needs of its inhabitants, offering a unique lifestyle just 15 minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Its modern design is a combination of organic elements with luxurious finishes in materials ranging from precious woods to ceramic and quartz stone, even a saline water pool to keep skin and hair free of synthetic chemicals.
Chaakab works based on a set of eco-technologies designed for sustainability and environmental conservation, integrating endemic trees into the building as thermal regulators and shade generators. The project is the representation of a sustainable future in which nature is respected and your family is kept comfortable interacting directly with nature. We implement materials from certified local sources that guarantee source sustainability and durability. Equipped with solar energy photocells, solar water heaters and LED lighting equipment, rainwater harvesting mechanisms, constructed wetlands, and biodigesters to collect and clean water. All materials and accessories were carefully selected to offer a product of the highest quality with a unique design.


  • Terrace with private jacuzzi
  • Implementation of luxury materials and finishes
  • Saline water pool
  • Solar water heaters
  • LED lighting
  • Biodigesters

Harmony, Tulum