The most luxury developments in Tulum

Tulum declared a magical town, with its bohemian and picturesque atmosphere welcomes you to what many call a paradise on Earth. Considered as one of the main international destinations and with some of the best beaches, it is visited by millions of tourists, gaining fame year after year.

The attention that Tulum has received has turned it into the favorite destination of artists, as well as the preferred by investors who know the opportunities that this small town has to offer.

With returns of investment from 8% to 13% per year, invest wisely with us.

Luxury apartments for sale in Tulum 

Today Tulum has positioned itself as one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico and the world, despite being in the spotlight for both tourists and investors this town seeks to maintain its charm at all costs, standing out from other destinations, always looking for alternatives to reduce the environmental impact.

Although Tulum offers a wide variety of Real Estate options, it is important to consider several factors that will allow you to obtain the greatest benefits through your investment.

In Proyectos GMB con Eduardo Mejias we have an extensive portfolio in Tulum and the Riviera Maya, conceptualized as investment projects, where we offer our clients products of the highest quality, with excellent location and the best ROI.

We also have sister companies such as GMB Rentals and KLR that are responsible for professionally managing the properties of our customers through a first class hotel operation, thus maximizing the Returns Of Investment. 

Invest wisely, invest in Tulum.